The Survival MULE is a rugged, multi-use asset--an inconspicuous and secure storage locker that converts quickly into a cargo trailer, capable of carrying supplies and equipment adequate to sustain an average family off-grid.​ It combines critical capabilities in one platform:

  MOBILE         Road and off-road mobility  

  UTILITY        Multi-mode functionality  

  LOGISTICS     Storage, transportation, and operations of critical gear

  EQUIPMENT    Contains life-sustaining and saving items

  SYSTEM         Complementary, customizable components/equipment

STEADFAST PREPAREDNESS—These integrated capabilities create the ideal family survival preparedness system, which offers value far beyond preparedness alone.  In fact, the MULE is a product that gives its owner tremendous value regardless of whether it is ever used at all.  In locker mode, the MULE enables an owner to store survival equipment and supplies in one lockable location.  It looks like a metal locker, so neighbors won’t see a “paranoid prepper bug-out trailer,” and thieves won’t see a high-value target.  It is compact and capable of standing in most garages like shelving, without the need to move a vehicle outside or rent a storage unit.  MULE can be used on a daily basis while in locker mode, keeping equipment secure, organized, and immediately available (tools, gear, etc.).  A MULE in this mode can stand ready for years on end—simple, inconspicuous, weatherized, and rust-resistant.  Essentially, it is “survival insurance”  that is steadfast (synonyms: constant, dedicated, devoted, good, loyal, steady, true). This is the MULE’s foundational value—STEADFAST PREPAREDNESS, every day.  Even if the MULE was stored ready in a garage and never used for recreation or survival, the owner would still receive value far in excess of its purchase price through peace of mind and “survival insurance.”

DAUNTLESS SURVIVAL—But what if desperate times demand life-saving action? In the event of a natural, political, or economic emergency situation, the MULE and its internal life-saving gear are immediately available to sustain and defend family and friends.  Consider anything from the spectrum of disasters: hurricane, fire, tornado, flood, disease, earthquake, economic turmoil, anarchy, etc.  If a family or individual has a well-equipped MULE in their garage, they don’t need to trust FEMA to shelter, move, clothe, warm, feed, defend, or save them.  The MULE owner can have shelter, mobility, tools, security, defense, food, clothes, cooking, water, fuel, and power stored and ready, in one spot. With a MULE, you can leave town early, or decide to stay secure at home.  If you stay home, you can still hit the road within minutes if things get worse.  Your family will be eating from the supplies stored in your MULE, and providing food for your friends.  You’ll save your family heirlooms, valuables, photos, and documents while others’ are being destroyed or looted.  You will be undaunted!  This is the MULE’s ultimate value—DAUNTLESS SURVIVAL, in emergencies.  No other family asset or toy can possibly compare to the MULE’s life-saving value in desperate situations--no speedboat, luxury car, home theater system, or Disney vacation.  Inarguably, the value the MULE provides in a survival situation would likely be PRICELESS.     

PURPOSEFUL ADVENTURE—Every MULE owner can gain even more value from this asset, because it provides survival insurance you can use and enjoy, over and over.  A considerable family inventory of camping and adventure equipment (a.k.a., survival equipment) can be stored in, and transported by, a MULE.  Think of it as a small-scale Recreational Vehicle that stands along a garage wall, with complementary capabilities that make it easy for a family to use their MULE to frequently do the things that truly make lifelong memories—camping, traveling, fishing, hunting, exploring, etc.  Consistent use of the MULE on such trips will make family adventures routine, and build unshakeable relationships, invaluable skills, and unwavering faith…strength that will sustain a family through trials (even trials that don’t require a MULE).   So the MULE gives added purpose to its owner’s adventures, because every trip trains and fortifies them in this way, and assures their chances of survival are maximized if faced with an extreme situation.  To the tremendous value of STEADFAST PREPAREDNESS and DAUNTLESS SURVIVAL, the MULE’s recreational capability offers the extra value of PURPOSEFUL ADVENTURE, routinely.  

Survival MULE // VALUE



Self-reliance and liberty during emergency situations.


Survival Insurance, every day--with shelter, mobility, tools, security, defense, food, clothes, cooking, water, fuel, and power stored and ready, in one spot--items that will empower your DAUNTLESS SURVIVAL.


Routine outdoor adventures with family and friends, building lifelong memories while you gain skills with the use of the MULE and its stored equipment--skills that enable your DAUNTLESS SURVIVAL.  

The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.          (Proverbs 22:3 ESV)  


"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."    (2nd Amendment, United States Constitution)